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"It really is hard to know where to begin in extolling the many excellent musical and presentation features of Cancion de Amor, the new record by singer Eleanor Shanley and guitarist, John Feeley"

- Aidan O'Hara, Irish Music Magazine

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Marty In The Morning, RTE Lyric FM (January 2021)

"Recording with Eleanor was a great pleasure, not only because of her artistry, professionalism and great work ethic, but also her wonderful sense of humour.  Working in different genres has always attracted me and it was intriguing to explore these alongside Eleanor, giving expression to songs written by a wide variety of people of different styles and backgrounds.  We had a great working relationship as we gave shape to these pieces and we hope the listener will enjoy the CD as much as we enjoyed creating it." 


John Feeley

“I am very excited about this, my first recording by Eleanor, whom I’ve long admired and in tandem with the brilliant John Feeley, whom I know from my youth in Ballinasloe.”

“The lyrics are to a tune by Tim McCarrick, a dear friend from Pennsylvania, who loved Ireland and Irish music. Tim sadly passed away in December some years back but I’m sure he is casting a listening ear to this beautiful recording of our song.  Eleanor and John have graciously dedicated their recording of Cancion de Amor to Tim’s memory, while according us the honour of making it the title track to this collector’s item album.”

Brendan Graham

"This album was a labour of love that started two years ago. It has been a journey of real importance for me. To work with Ireland's (and possibly the world's) greatest classical guitar player, John Feeley, has been deeply satisfying on many levels. John's production of the album has taken the songs (some old, most new) to a very different level indeed. His playing is sublime. And apart from our musical compatibility, sharing a similar sense of humour,  I have gained a great friend." 


Eleanor Shanley

Apart from a recording within the framework of The Leitrim Equation in 2016, and the album of the group
Garadice in 2018, we must go back to 2015 and Forever Young to find a solo album by Eleanor Shanley.
She renews this genre by offering us a magnificent Cancion de Amor, recorded with the classical guitarist
John Feeley (of Spanish influence). It is the ninth album for Eleanor who was one of the voices of De
Danann. Eleanor and John have delivered [given birth to] a musical gem [pearl] with complete sensitivity.
Recorded in a beautiful convent on the banks of the River Shannon, the album contains nine songs and
four instrumentals which showcase the delicate playing of J. Feeley. He has also composed many tunes,
including The Immigrant’s Song or Donegal. Cancion de Amor, the eponymous track, is by Brendan
Graham, the Irish author-composer and novelist famous for having written The Voice, with which Ireland
won the Eurovision in 1996. We also recognize the traditional My Bonny Light Horseman and Siuil A Rún,
as well as Sand and Water, a song by Beth Nielsen Chapman popularized a few years ago by Tommy
Fleming, another of De Dannan’s voices. Alongside Eleanor and John several musicians officiate, including
the ConTempo String Quartet. Let us add that in this year that has been disrupted by the pandemic, this
album was partially funded by the Irish Ministry of Culture as part of the support programme for live
performances. A great initiative.

- Philippe COUSIN, Musiques de Celtie, Le Peuple Breton - Brittany, France

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The release of this album is made possible with the support of The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media, to whom we are very grateful.

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